Payment Methods

Saino First accepts online payments as well as bank transfer payments in four currencies (INR, GBP, USD and EUR). For specific details, check this link: The link specifies the steps and bank account details for the payment options.

Pricing and Connectivity

Saino First deals with both domestic and global connectivity. During the campaigns, price for domestic and global contact numbers are charged by the panel automatically. This automation helps the client with no global restrictions and ease in payment of the campaign.

Currency Types

Saino First has domestic as well as global connectivity for campaigns. The payment on the platform can be made in the following currencies:

• INR (Indian Rupees)

• EUR (Euro)

How to sign-up?

Step 1: Start by typing in the URL section. Step 2: Now click on “Sign Up” option as shown in the picture

Step 3: Fill all the required details in the given fields as shown and then click on sign up option

Step 4: Now a 4-digit OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter it in the space provided and click on the verify option

Step 5: After verification, you can sign in with your new username and password

About Trial Plan

You can send maximum of 1500 SMS or same wallet based other services. The trial plan will always have the content “– Sent via” in its campaigns and KYC is mandatory.


We do provide demos. Whenever you sign-up as a new customer, you will be allotted Rs.2 in your account to check the panel as per your requirements. Also, a free trial campaign can be done for 1500 SMS, to check how the plan is working out for you (for which KYC is compulsory).

NDNC Latter

In India you can send transactional SMS to opt-in customers only. The SMS will get delivered to DND number as well. You can use this service for OTP and transactional communication only. It cannot be used for any kind of Promotional activity. NDNC latter is mandatory for transactional services. You can download the sample format under KYC documents and upload the same with company stamped and signed.

Documents Required for KYC

Customer has to upload the Proof of identification (POI) and proof of Address (POA).

Uploading KYC documents

You can log in to your Saino First account and go to Account>My Profile>Update Profile>KYC documents and scroll down the page to upload your KYC documents.

Generating Reports

For every campaign the real time analysis is generated every second of the time. Different types of reports are generated like analysis report, sent report, schedule report and MIS report. This data can be downloaded with required filters. All the reports give us the results for delivery of the submitted campaigns in detail.

Unified Panel for Multiple Services

We have a unified panel for different services, which makes it easy to access multiple services though one platform and tracking it on real-time basis. The difference we make is, the services provided are accessed from one panel itself which gives advantage in terms of saving time. All services can be accessed with one single signup with the same ID and password generated.

About Our Services

Saino First is an online platform where brands can promote themselves and also increase their customer base simultaneously. We specialise in Bulk SMS, Voice, Short Code, Missed Call and Short Link services. At Saino First, the ease of shooting campaigns for the brand comes hand-in-hand with the customer base. If you don’t have the database, we can help you in your campaigns by doing it right just for you.