Short Link

What is Short-Link?

Short-Link is the conversion of a long URL into a very short one. Short-link helps in reducing the characters in one SMS.

For Example:

Long URL:


This short-link will redirect you directly to that long URL only. It will help avoid use of the long URL in the SMS campaigns and decrease the cost per lead generation. Short-link not only gives us the count but also the exact contact details of the customers who have opened the link. These customers can then be re-targeted with minimum cost.

Steps to create Short-Link

Step 1: Signup (create id) on

Step 2: Sign in with your new username and password on

Step 3: Click on Short Link option

Step 4: Fill all the details in fields


Step 5: Click on “Save” option, short URL will be generated which will be seen at the top of the link box generated and you will be able to track the details from here

Step 6: After using the short link in your SMS campaign, you can view the details of people who clicked the link, by clicking (VIEW) option and your results can be seen as follows

Step 7: See the analysis by clicking (ANALYTICS) option

Advantages of using short link in campaigns

  1. Less use of character space in a SMS (URL Shortening)

  2. Smart tracking of targeted customers (Counts)

  3. Specific details obtained for targeted customers (Phone numbers)

  4. Specific details can be used for re-marketing

  5. Immediate responses tracked every second

  6. Reports can be generated for each day

  7. Better quality of data is obtained for customer retention

  8. Make the best use of the collected data focusing on interested customers only

  9. Quick integration