Schedule SMS for Different Time-zones

Yes, you can schedule SMS and also select the specific time zone you want the SMS to be delivered. Step 1: When you fill in all the details for your campaign, you get two options. One is “Send Now” and second is “Schedule SMS”.

Step 2: Click on Schedule SMS, this screen will appear

Step 3: If you click on time zone option , multiple time zones for different countries can be seen for the same as follows; select your specific time zone and click on “Schedule Now”

Unicode SMS

Unicode allows you to run a campaign in a language, in which you have quoted the content. For example: If you want to send the SMS to all your customers in Hindi there are two steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Translate the content in the required language for your campaign (in this case it’s Hindi). You can use for any content conversion.

Step 2: Select the “Unicode” option before clicking on Send Now

Result for this would be, the SMS would be sent in Hindi.

Character Limits

Number of characters determines the number of messages generated. For Normal SMS, one message is equal to 160 characters. For Unicode SMS, one message is equal to 70 characters. Note: When you exceed even one character in the message, it will be considered as two messages.

Block Numbers

Blocked numbers are the ones who won’t receive any campaigns from the panel. Following are the steps to add blocked numbers:

Step 1: Sign in to the Saino First Application>Click on Bulk SMS> Manage>Blocked Numbers

Step 2: Click on “Add Blocked Number”

Step 3: Add the numbers and click on “Add Block Numbers”

Step 4: Also you can import a list from your computer/laptop and add multiple contact numbers together at once

Sender ID

Sender ID is a unique six character string we use to send out the campaigns. Following are the steps to add Sender ID: Step 1: Sign in to the Saino First Application>Click on Bulk SMS>Manage >Sender ID

Step 2: Click on “Add Sender ID”

Step 3: Fill in the details to add the sender ID

Step 4: After completing the details, click on “Save”

Step 5: You can see the Sender ID created and the status as waiting for approval

Step 6: While doing campaigns select the approved sender ID you had already created

Template Creation

Template is a pre-decided content with a title name. Template is made because it makes easy for re-sending the campaigns. Here are few steps for creating a template: Step 1: Sign in to the Saino First Application>Click on Bulk SMS> Manage>Templates

Step 2: Click on “Add Template” button

Step 3: Fill in the details to add the template

Step 4: After completing the details, click on “Save”

Step 5: You can see the template created

Step 6: While doing campaigns just avoid the manual work and select the template you have already created

"To" Numbers and Bulk Upload

To Numbers box can be used to copy-paste the number from any Excel/Text file or you can type the numbers manually. Bulk upload means uploading many contact numbers together. Bulk upload not only helps avoid the manual work of typing each contact number but also helps by directly uploading a file for the list of the contact numbers. Note: Only text, csv and excel files are allowed for upload

What is Route?

Route is a pathway through which the campaigns are done. Majorly there are two types which are Transactional and Promotional. Transactional: In this route, only customer’s transactions are intimated to them and no restrictions of DND and Non-DND contact numbers. For Example: OTP messages, Debit amount messages, Credited amount messages and many more. Promotional: In this route, all types of offers and messages are sent out to their customers. For Example: Discount Offers, Announcements, Cashback Offers and many more.

International SMS

​The procedure for the campaign remains same, the only difference is about the country code we are mentioning. All the campaigns will follow the same steps and the price will be converted according to the currency type by the panel automatically.

Customised SMS

Customised SMS is where you can address each and every customer with their own specific details.

For Example: Name, Account Number, etc. These examples will help the customers to know the minutest detail of the message and also make them aware.

In case of transactional SMS, user will be clear if the SMS is for him/her and will be alert with the transactions made. In promotional SMS, the user will feel special about knowing the offer that it is customised and delivered to them in person.

Promote Your Business with SMS Campaign

SMS can reach everyone who has a mobile phone (with or without internet). Intimating your end users with their transactions and new offers can keep them interested and also attract them respectively, which in the end would increase your customer base. SMS is an easy way to reach the customers and is the non-expensive service on this platform.

SMS for DND and Non-DND Customers

DND numbers: All the transactional SMS are delivered to the end client without any obstacles and the promotional SMS can’t be delivered to the DND number (as they have already blocked the service for promotional SMS). ​ Non-DND: All transactional and promotional SMS are delivered to Non-DND numbers.