Why Bulk Voice?

Bulk Voice will help reach many different customers and build conversations anywhere. It can make, receive and monitor calls around the world. It becomes easy to tap the untapped market, engaging them and convert them into our customers. It's fast and reliable to record the performance with Bulk Voice. Also it has response code option in the broadcasting, which allows you to collect multiple responses over your conversation. These multiple responses can be used for your business analysis depending on your response codes.

What is Customised voice?

Customised Voice is where the system call can address each customer with the customer’s specific details.

For Example: Name, Account Number, etc. In customise voice, the contact numbers can only be uploaded in text, csv or excel file format. It can be used to collect responses by maintaining specifications for a response code and its action simultaneously.

What is bulk upload?

Bulk upload means uploading many contact numbers together. Bulk upload not only helps avoid the manual work of typing each contact number but also helps by directly uploading a file for the list of the contact numbers. Only text, csv and excel files are allowed for upload. Note: Using bulk upload will save the time and will be quick.

What is Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-Speech (TTS) converts the written text to the speech by the system itself. The content you type is used by the system and is transferred in a voice call which reaches your end customer. Also, we can set the time period for the call to end and also can accept responses of the customers who picks these calls.